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Technical Advantages

Self-control framework for distributed technology

Self-developed open source technology to build the foundation block chain service network, providing rapid deployment and block chain applications running environment for developers

Diversified composite team

Team members have a prestigious academic background at home and abroad, from the field of science and technology, finance, energy and other positions, there is a high degree of complementarity industry

Industry-specific solutions

Provide customized solutions based on user scenarios, and support other new technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, and empower users

Complete development tools and training services

Provide SmartX, Punica suite SDKs, APIs and other multi-language development tools, to provide various forms of exchange and working platform to share cutting-edge technology

Our Vision
  • Become a leader among blockchain application development service providers
  • Use blockchain technology to create new interconnected value for society

Huashang Group (China) Co., Ltd. is a one-stop blockchain industry service company integrating consulting, technology, applications, transactions, industry news, information, data, and communities. It connects upstream and downstream ecological partners through value services, hoping to establish a The value network of the blockchain industry that is centralized, free and equal, and governed by the community, makes all nodes in the blockchain ecological open platform and all users who contribute to their abilities become value contributors and owners.

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