Blockchain Concept


Everyone in the blockchain has a ledger, so who will keep the books? Why should others recognize my account? This leads to a consensus algorithm problem, that is, how to ensure that everyone's accounts are consistent; relying on the consensus algorithm in the system, intelligent calculations, recording blockchain life data, more fair, just, and transparent.


There is also this concept in the blockchain. When you open an account on the blockchain, the system will automatically create a key. With this key, you can operate the account on the blockchain. Information creator/The owner can set whether the information is public. Ensuring privacy while ensuring information security


There are two principles of distribution: First, it is distributed in physical location; second, it is also distributed in terms of rules. In the past, the record of charity donations was only the charity organization itself, and you could only accept what he wrote. I donated 100 yuan, which is the actual 100 yuan, and I can see the flow of every fund on the blockchain
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As a new retail or a standard solution for the retail industry, we can strive for the participation of as many commodity supply chain participants as possible by participating in the blockchain and jointly maintaining the same data source.

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The traditional sense of the purse is to put money, money really stay in the purse. This is not the case with the blockchain wallet. There is no currency in it. The real currency is stored on the blockchain. The wallet is only the key to access the funds

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