Huashang Group (China) Co., Ltd. is a one-stop blockchain industry service company integrating consulting, technology, applications, transactions, industry news, information, data, and communities. It connects upstream and downstream ecological partners through value services, hoping to establish a The value network of the blockchain industry that is centralized, free and equal, and governed by the community, makes all nodes in the blockchain ecological open platform and all users who contribute to their abilities become value contributors and owners. Huashang Group has been established for ten years. As a well-known blockchain development company in Southwest China, it has dozens of software copyrights, strong blockchain expertise and rich service experience. At the same time, the company knows that the development of enterprises is inseparable from technological innovation and progress, and actively participates in a number of research on emerging development technologies, and is committed to helping more companies build professional blockchain systems, continuously pursuing higher quality, and helping companies go global.

Development History
Become the first batch of wechat marketing service companies in China.
2013 02
2014 02
Huashang Jusheng technology was established.
Enterprise network marketing landing system online.
2015 02
2016 02
Qianhaiquan trading center was successfully listed.
Huashang Xinhe intelligent technology was established.
2017 02
Strength Display
Free Application Development Plan