Diversified Digital Wallet Ecological Solutions
  • Wallet + mobile mining
  • Wallet+020 Mall
  • Wallet + transaction quotation
  • Multi-currency integrated storage
  • Perfect API interface
  • Support multi-language development
  • Virtual currency development
  • Virtual membership system development
Solution advantage
Diversified product portfolio

Support multiple wallet forms, multiple operation models, multiple types of financial products, multiple main chain currencies, multiple docking methods, free combination according to needs

Complete service closed loop

Multi-tool support to create a closed-loop operation; a scalable architecture and real-time monitoring of multiple services to create a closed-loop technology; hundreds of partners such as exchanges, security, and media create a closed-loop ecosystem

10+Industry Solutions

Solutions such as asset custody, integrated payment, and full-featured wallets, covering multiple industries such as finance, automobiles, electronic products, fast-moving consumer goods, medical health, and real estate

30+Safety technology guarantee

From the perspective of users, businesses, systems, etc., provide 30+ security technical guarantees such as security audits and monitoring, and multi-level risk warning to ensure asset security

Technical Advantages
  • 100% full coverage of risk control

    Comprehensive risk management, triple financial reconciliation, real-time monitoring of fund security, and active intervention in serious alarms. Intelligent monitoring of asset circulation, abnormal alarm, withdrawal block, DDos defense, traffic cleaning and other 30+ defense mechanisms

  • Smart contract/code audit

    A professional audit report issued by a third-party organization, using formal verification technology to automatically scan code security; dozens of security inspection items, troubleshooting security risks, avoiding hacker attacks, and ensuring the security of smart contracts

  • Behavioral situational awareness

    Big data analysis of user behavior, multi-dimensional monitoring of users, administrators, assets, and servers without blind spots, marking of special users, timely detection of threats, proactive defense against high-risk behaviors, system attack analysis and proactive interception

  • Prevention and control of job evil

    High-level operation authority isolation, multiple confirmation of high-risk operations. Self-examination of administrator behaviors such as abnormal login audit, attempted unauthorized operation, frequent server access, and abnormal pre-order behavior

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Application scenarios
Wallet + financial development

Create a blockchain-based e-commerce ecology, you can get Tokens when you buy goods, and you can also use currency to shop and consume platform coins

Wallet + game development

The wallet adds a game system to make members' funds more flexible, and adds fun game attributes to make members more sticky to the project

Wallet + social development

Members can communicate with other members in real time, get rid of the constraints of WeChat, use language, pictures, videos, etc., and can also send currency red packets

Wallet + token development

The project party can formulate wealth management value-added business rules, so that the project party and members can bring considerable benefits, and the wallet can achieve a drainage effect.

Project cases
Digital Currency Characteristics

Safe And Efficient

Front-end uses firewall anti-attack mechanism
Back-end uses hidden separation deployment
With whitelist access mechanism

Excellent Performance

Completely based on high-frequency trading concurrency design
Backstage adopts hidden separation deployment
Large data volume, high performance, high concurrency


Support load balancing, dynamic and static separation to improve the system
carrying capacity and response speed

Rapid Deployment

The system adopts a distributed architecture, quick and simple deployment
to achieve extremely fast online testing of k-line, market and in-depth data

Data Assurance

Bank-level user data encryption, dynamic data verification
Multi-level branch line identification control, guarantee transaction security
Wallet multi-layer encryption, offline cold storage

Super Expansion

Fully support customer customized technology
Perfectly fit the functional needs of different customers
Development Process
Digital Asset Development Information
Free Application Development Plan