Solutions For Free Combination Of Multiple Products
Spot Trading System

Mature functions and extensive applications. The powerful memory matching engine guarantees high-concurrency transactions; the perfect front-end and back-end system, the system is safe and stable, can guarantee the privacy, system and asset security of both the platform and the user. Support strategy commissioning and internationalization.

Margin Trading System

Spot leveraged trading system, bidding trading mechanism, share market depth with spot trading, provide users with medium and short-term loan capital turnover support; powerful memory matching engine to ensure high concurrent transactions, complete risk prevention mechanism, and ensure zero loss on the platform .

Over-the-counter Trading System

3 types of merchant authentication modes, support online currency, offline payment of legal currency, facilitate the entry and exit of funds, strict KYC certification, to ensure safe transactions between users and safe withdrawals.

Contract Trading System

With mature functions, it supports two-way position opening and warehouse-by-warehouse management. It has a complete risk prevention system and can be delivered at an index price to maximize the protection of users' rights and assets. The powerful memory matching engine guarantees high concurrent transactions and supports API ordering.

ETF Trading System

ETF functions are realized through portfolio management (position adjustment fees), non-raised issuance, liquidity and other services, and customized and SaaS services can be provided, with functions such as leverage configuration, subscription and redemption, weight distribution, and multi-dimensional reporting.

Liquidity System

Focus on solving the problems of poor liquidity and insufficient depth of digital asset transactions, helping to reduce costs and increase efficiency for exchanges, brokerages and institutional investors.

Redefine the customized development of blockchain to help enterprises develop rapidly.

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Development Of Distributed Matching Technology

The distributed matching engine realizes the currency trading area, and the multi-currency adopts 'multi-coroutine' technology to make the system occupy less memory.

Customized Development Of A Full Set Of User Terminals
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Currency transaction development
Currency transaction development

The distributed matchmaking engine is used to realize currency trading area, professional K-line data, and "multi coprocessing" technology for multi currency, which improves the network transmission rate and makes the system occupy less memory. Technologi

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